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  1. Thanks for the info. Instead of deleting the brushes from the brush palate, how do I uninstall brushes that I registered to the library. I made a couple tests brushes and materials and now they are filling up my brush library and it taking me a long time to scroll through them to find the ones I need.

  2. my issue is I have two machines. I just wanted to find where the brush files are stored as a whole so I could copy the files, and zip them so I could reload them on the other machine x.x

  3. Excellent instruction. BTW- to make a pencil of a particular color, such as a NPB pencil, do I have to start by creating the tip and registering it? Or is there a way to simply copy a pencil from CSP, then set the color via the sub-tool detail? If the latter is possible, I have yet to figured out how.

    1. I believe you would have to right click on the pencil, then Duplicate the Sub Tool first. That lets you make changes to the color and everything else..

  4. Why are you using Mac-only terminology in a general tutorial?

    You talk about Finder like OSX was the only OS in the Universe. At the very least you should mention that you are talking about how it’s done on a Mac specifically, but would be even better if you mentioned the Windows equivalent as well, or just use general terminology like “file browser”.

    Not everyone in the World uses a Mac. Actually, the majority of people don’t. Just had to explain someone confused by this article that Finder is not something in CSP, after they were unable to find it.

    If you make generic tutorials for people out there you should avoid using platform-exclusive terminology and methods.

    1. I don’t own a Windows machine I can test CSP on. I wouldn’t want to write a tutorial in which I guessed at the right terminology and shortcut keys.

      Funny enough, I use a Microsoft keyboard with my Mac and had to remap the keys to work like a Mac keyboard, so it’s already confusing enough with those translations I need to do when writing a tutorial.

  5. WIndows tip: If you select multiple *.sut files using the file explorer you can drag them onto the sub-tool in CSP and import so multiple files at once.

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