Atom Eve has red hair and no black outlines

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  1. I guess if you were inking vector style, you could change the line colour that way but that’s tricky with overlaps. Do you prefer inking on a raster layer or a vector layer? I’m in love with the vector eraser so I tend to ink with vectors.

    Also, any plans to discuss aligning objects in CS? There’s no simple way (that I can see) like in Photoshop or Illustrator and I use those alignment tools A LOT.

    1. I haven’t played much with vectors yet, to be honest. I’ve been doing everything on raster layers, aside from obvious things like text/balloons stuff which is vector only. (Until you want to manipulate it more and so you rasterize it and– well, that’s a tutorial for another time. )

      Vectors are on my list of things to play with and learn, but right now it’s not on the plan. Sorry to say.

      The one thing that frustrates me the most with CSP is that it isn’t Illustrator. There are a number of features missing from CSP from AI that would help it greatly. I have a list I will share someday. But I’m always experimenting and trying to find the best way to mimic those things. Alignment is one of them. Haven’t cracked the nut yet, but I’m trying.

      Stay tuned — you never know what might come next. And neither do I. 😉

      1. I find vector inking to be smoother (personal preference) and I like being able to adjust the vector points slightly when needed without erasing and redrawing. Also, resizing the image to any resolution.

        The best way I could find to align things is the grid option. Turn on grid and align to that. Not perfect but it’ll do in a pinch. Perhaps sharing that list of points will be good. Other people may have found ways around things. I really hope they attend to the align tools soon.

        Enjoying the site, always good to learn!

          1. Yeah it does. You can turn off or set the level of smoothing as well, in case you like the effect of drawing on a boat during a storm. Plus, the ability to go in afterwards and shift vector points around rather than erasing and redrawing the guilty lines is a massive time saver (to me, at least). If you’re used to Illustrator’s vector inking, it’s not AS intuitive as Illustrator but they’ll hopefully build on it. Let me know what you think. I’m keen to get other opinions, I just went straight for the vector inks, haven’t tried the raster inks.

  2. Great article, so glad I found it.

    There’s another way to do it, which is to click the icon 4 over from the one you circled up top, it’s a small lock next to an image of the colorless background, if that makes sense. Just click that on the your Outline Inks layer and start painting. It’ll only paint on the areas of that layer that already have paint on it. I usually just duplicate my inks layer (so that I have a full black ink layer, just in case) and paint on the dupe.

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