Clip Studio Paint canvas

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    1. At this point, it’s probably just tradition, but it does shrink down nicely. I forget the exact percentage.

      The larger page size gives them room to draw more detail. There’s a bit of a border all around the original art board that’s considered “unsafe” to draw in. Whatever the artist draws in that area may or may not appear on the final page, depending on how the comic prints out.

  1. This is amazing. You majorly helped me save a piece when I realized how I could change the image resolution and what resolution makes sense.

    1. It depends on what you’re drawing it for. If the ultimate output is an Instagram post, for example, then you should start at 1080 pixels square. Anything bigger than that will work, too, though it will be shrunk down for display. Draw at a size you’re comfortable with. Experiment a little. There’s really no “right” answer. Just have fun! Good luck!

  2. I use a canvas size of 7680×4320 4times the size of 10 eighty with 300dpi its amazing what it does once you rescale your work to fit your screen… basically little to no clean up.

  3. Sometimes, on my Tab S6 I find 300 dpi (8x12in) to be a little too much for the tiny mobile processor, so I drop it to 150 dpi for smoothness of the UI etc.

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