Magnifying glass as a zoom icon

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  1. I used to have them on custom keys (1/2) because control and +/- was hard on a small bluetooth tablet keyboard.
    New tablet lets me zoom in/out with two fingers. My big wacom cintiq lets me use its ‘touchring’.

    1. Good point – forgot about the touchring with the Cintiqs. My Yiynova has a remote thing with a circle control on it I could probably use for zooming, too, but I’ve never used that remote at all. I should try that someday…

  2. On Windows, I use space+ctrl+mouse1-drag. It’s the quickest key combination if you use the keyboard for panning (space+mouse1-drag) a lot.

    Similarly I use:
    space+shift to rotate
    ctrl+alt to change brush size

    And so on. Most of them can be found under File > Modifier key settings. Plus, you can add your own~

  3. Does anyone know if there’s a way to change the settings to that swiping with two fingers scrolls instead of zooming and so that I can pinch to zoom as in most other imaging programs? This is really messing with me, haha.

  4. I’d like to have 75% as a prescribed distance. Often while inking I found 66% too far and 100% too close. There is a way to type the zoom you want?

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